Research Space Available for Immediate Occupancy

To researchers and private enterprises seeking research space

The Global Research Center for Food & Medical Innovation is looking for tenants. The building offers spaces with waterproof flooring suitable for experimentation and carpeted rooms ideal for laboratory usage. Access to each room is controlled with a security lock system. The property provides a flexible, pleasant environment for research projects, with meeting rooms, a communal area known as DEN and other facilities.

Experiment rooms

Experiment rooms
waterproof flooring; various sizes from 25 to 103 m2

carpeted; various sizes from 25 to 55 m2

Experiment rooms 2
various sizes to suit different scales/types of experiment

Laboratories 2
various sizes to suit different project scales and researcher numbers

Security measures
research sections zoned as security areas; access controlled with automatic locks

Communal facilities/equipment 1
meeting rooms and other facilities for communal use provided in addition to rental space

Communal facilities/equipment 2
fixtures and equipment to suit tenant needs

Communal DEN area
a multi-purpose space for research, repose and the like

A range of common-use equipment

Various types of research equipment are available for communal use. Dedicated operators provide guidance on equipment usage, enabling tenants to conduct monitoring and experimentation using cutting-edge technology without the expense of investing in it. For more information, see Usage of Common-use Equipment.

Vacancy Information

Ask staff for vacancy information.


As tenant space is security controlled, potential tenants wishing to view the property must make a reservation (contact details below). Click here for more details.