The Global Research Center for Food & Medical Innovation (FMI)

The Global Research Center for Food & Medical Innovation (FMI) building was completed on March 20, 2015. The Center promotes research and development toward the creation of an ageless society in which people of all ages lead healthy, active lives. In such a society, the focus of health promotion is shifted from hospitals to homes, that of health maintenance from medical treatment to prevention, and that of health-related information management from a distributed approach led by medical institutions to a unified concept led by individuals. The Center also provides opportunities for informal interaction among researchers and locals through the publicly open spaces on its first and second floors. The facility is expected to serve as a place for locals and people from industry and academia to share a variety of novel ideas toward true innovation.


Rental space

Various facilities such as Multi-Purpose Hall (192 seats), unique shaped ”Future Room” can be rented for extramural events.

Research facility for lease

Rooms for R&D of all sizes from 25 to 103 square meters can be rented. They are all highly secured. In addition the tenants can use meeting rooms.