Research Space Available for Immediate Occupancy

To researchers and private enterprises seeking research space

The Global Research Center for Food & Medical Innovation is looking for tenants. The building offers spaces with waterproof flooring suitable for experimentation and carpeted rooms ideal for laboratory usage. Access to each room is controlled with a security lock system. The property provides a flexible, pleasant environment for research projects, with meeting rooms, a communal area known as DEN and other facilities.

Experiment rooms

waterproof flooring; various sizes from 25 to 103 m2
various sizes to suit different scales/types of experiment


carpeted; various sizes from 25 to 55 m2
various sizes to suit different project scales and researcher numbers

Communal facilities/equipment

Meeting rooms (1)

meeting rooms and other facilities for communal use provided in addition to rental space

Meeting rooms (2)

fixtures and equipment to suit tenant needs

Communal DEN area

a multi-purpose space for research, repose and the like

Security measures

research sections zoned as security areas; access controlled with automatic locks

A range of common-use equipment

Various types of equipment for research are also available.

Various types of equipment for research are also available.Please inquire or apply for use at the following site.
Hokkaido University Open Facility

* Please note that some restrictions may be applied to the rental of equipment, and that some equipment may not be available depending on the purpose or content of use. Please understand this in advance.

Vacancy Information

Ask staff for vacancy information.


As tenant space is security controlled, potential tenants wishing to view the property must make a reservation (contact details below).